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Lillis Opportunity Grant

In 2010, The Lillis Foundation began a new initiative, the Lillis Opportunity Grant, in recognition of the need for assistance to students who did not fit the more traditionally oriented format of the Scholars program, and the more limited sources for assistance for these students.

Opportunity grants are available to students graduating from high school and desiring to continue their education at community colleges or trade schools. In addition, non-traditional students such as adults entering or returning to college, GED recipients, single parents pursuing post-secondary education, and those with "special circumstances", are eligible to be considered for Opportunity Grants.

Applicants must meet many of the requirements discussed earlier for Lillis Scholars: they must be U.S. citizens, residents of Colorado, and be recommended to the Lillis Foundation. Amount of the grants will be determined after all other financial aid resources are identified. Given that community colleges and trade schools are generally not residential environments, the size of the grants may be smaller, and terms of the grants will depend on the particular program the student will follow.