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Student Assistance Fund (SAF)

The Student Assistance Fund (SAF) program has been designed to create a financial safety net for students within participating high schools. Today, students are often faced with financial obstacles to their educational ambitions, whether that means taking AP courses or art classes, participating in sports or music programs, applying to college, or just having the bus fare to get to school. The SAF provides the resources to overcome these hurdles. Its motto is, "What parents would do if they could."

A Student Assistnace Fund is a stand-alone resource, meaning that it is not integrated into a school's operating budget, and cannot be used for other purposes. All funds go to meet the needs of students; any overhead expenses are reimbursed annually by The Lillis Foundation.

The pilot Student Assistance Fund Program was placed at Douglas County High School in 1999. In 2002, The Lillis Foundation decided to take over the administration and funding of the program and it was expanded to a number of schools (high schools and a few middle schools) throughout the Denver metro area. We have been in 22 High Schools and 2 Middle Schools since inception and will expand as funds permit.

All funds given go directly to the benefit of students. If you are interested in helping students in this way, please contact our Student Assistance Fund (SAF) administrator for more information and donor opportunities.