Making a Difference One Life at a Time


Lillis Scholars are selected in recognition of their strong potential to excel academically and personal qualities. As such, we expect Lillis Scholars to uphold the highest standard of timeliness, communication and personal responsibility. Below are minimum standards that The Lillis Foundation expects of our Scholars.

A Lillis Foundation scholarship is renewable over eight semesters (or twelve quarters) at the student’s school of choice. However, at the end of each academic semester/quarter each scholar’s record is reviewed. Renewal of scholarships is not guaranteed, but is at the discretion of the Lillis Foundation. Renewal is based upon the following requirements being met in a timely manner annually:

  • Complete a minimum of 12 academic hours each semester/quarter
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA (for the year)
  • Submit a brief End of Term Report at the end of each semester/quarter that highlights academics, personal growth and extra-curricular activities. When applicable, scholars are asked to explain how they utilized their scholarship funds. Reports are due May 31st and December 31st (or at the end of each quarter).
  • Submit an official transcript at the end of each term verified by the college/university, indicating the courses taken and the grades received in each course.
  • Submit a signed Grant Agreement each year.
  • Submit all financial paperwork in accordance with due dates set forth on The Lillis Foundation website.

Additionally, The Lillis Foundation hosts an annual Scholar Luncheon each holiday season. This event provides an opportunity for us to get to know scholars in a relaxed atmosphere and allows Lillis Foundation Scholars to connect with one another. While the Scholar Luncheon is optional, we require an RSVP and if a student signs up, they should do their best to attend.

We take “connection” seriously and strongly encourage open communication. We want Lillis Foundation Scholars to feel encouraged to ask questions, come to us with concerns or just ‘touch-base’ as often as they feel they need to. The Foundation is available for guidance, advise and a hug (!) whenever needed.

We expect Lillis Scholars to check their email frequently, we expect responses to our communications in a timely manner and we expect updates if contact information or school related situations arise.

Honesty and integrity are fundamental values within our community of Scholars. Any acts of falsification, alteration of documents or misrepresentation are unacceptable and may affect scholarship status.